We met at age 5 in kindergarten. We remained friends all through elementary school, junior high and high school. In our senior year, Larry experienced a life transformation by connecting with God. He invited me to go to church with him, and I experienced the same transformation. Our lives were forever altered. After high school we went our separate ways, and moved on with our lives.

Fourty-six years later we reconnected.

A few years prior  to our reconnection, I had experienced another, completely different spiritual awakening. As part of this awakening, I was able to go into deep meditation and experience altered states and dimensions. Oddly, Larry had come to me in one of this meditations and I realized he came to help me heal my issues with the toxic masculine energy I had faced most of my life. The healing was wonderful.

Little did I know that this energy I was experiencing in my altered dimensions during meditation was reaching him. Out of the blue, we contacted me on Facebook and suggested we get together. I was blown away and knew that we had to meet. 

We met. We got off to a rough start. But, we kept moving ahead.  We both knew that something unusual, and spiritual was at work and we kept talking. After a few weeks we both knew that our relationship was being Divinely orchestrated. I began to understand that we were Twin Flames, and I started sending him information about it. It didn't take long for our to come to understand that we were indeed, Twin Flames. Even more interesting, is that we are both born within two weeks of each other, within a mile of distance. We are both Gemini's and the power of that along with our Twin Flame union is very profound. 

We are now together on our journey. Learning from each other. Opening to the unconditional love of two equal spiritual souls that have come together to help each other heal and then go to work to fulfill our mission. 


We are in the healing stages, where we are mirroring issues for each other and growing leaps and bounds spiritually. We have a a motto for our future:


"May the rest of our lives be the best of our lives."


Since we are both Gemini's we are communicators. Larry likes to take photos and play with words, and I am a creative spirit, who loves to write. We both are highly empathetic, intuitive and visionary. We have started this website to share our story and our inspirations along this unique journey.