Surrender to Adventure

"Your greatest adventures await you! Let the Universe be your guide." ~ Larry Peterson

Imagine from Hubble Telescope: Wonderlust 2

When you surrender to the guidance of the Universe, miracles begin to happen in your life.

Letting go and allowing your life to unfold is one of the most difficult aspects of awakening spiritually. Knowing that there is a Divine Design working in your life; one you can’t see or prove, is a leap of faith.

It is a leap worth taking.

There is a saying, “Everything I let go of has claw marks on it”. That sums up the act of letting go perfectly. We normally cling to the known, no matter how uncomfortable or miserable we are. There is a comfort in the known, the familiar. It does take a leap of faith to jump into the unknown and let go of all that seems normal and feels secure.

Trusting in the Universe, knowing that you are in good hands, and allowing things to unfold naturally brings freedom and peace to living. Realizing that trying to control people, situations and outcomes is an exercise in frustration and seriously increases your stress levels. There is only one person you have any control over and that is YOU! And, the greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of faith.

When you “Let go and let God”, you begin to see your life transform. Connecting with and following the Divine path provides the guidance and tranquility that will transform your life. Once you can let go of needing to know and trying to control outcomes, then you move into a space of calm knowing. Understanding that you will be shown the way, and within this space of calm you can begin to see. The Universe is always guiding and providing clues. When you surrender and find that sweet spot of faith, then you can follow the clues and life changes from a struggle to an adventure.

The adventures that await you are epic, trust me! I am on one right now that I could never imagined! What it required from me was three things.

  1. Letting go of what I thought I knew, and what I was attached to as “real”.

  2. Having a mind that was “open to everything and attached to nothing” as Dr. Wayne Dyer taught.

  3. Trusting and knowing that my “higher power” is my Source and surrendering to it.

Life begins when we stop the struggle of trying to control it. Allowing the flow of life, and knowing that there is a Guidance System within you that is connected to the Source of All - the energy of the Universe. This wisdom will change your life.

Yes, it’s hard at first. Then things begin to happen and the more you let go, the more is revealed. Life begins to feel brighter, and you feel happier. Synchronicities begin to happen and things begin to work with ease. Opportunities arise, you meet new people and things seem to “fall into your lap” - things you never realized you even needed. That is the way the Universe works.

That’s the way the Universe works, when you surrender!

As Larry says, “Your greatest adventures await you, let the Universe be your guide.” All it takes is a leap of faith, an open mind, and a belief in a power greater than yourself.

We'd love for you to join us on this amazing journey!