Fight or Flight Alternative


Stress in our world is so normal. It is so common place that it is the accepted state of being. When in reality it is killing us! It has been discovered and well documented that most illnesses have their root in stress.Yet we still just accept stress as a way of life.

Stress was never meant to be a way of life!

In our culture stress is the by product of living. Work, family, raising kids, debt, politics, news; even vacations are stress producing. It is so bad in fact, that when our life isn't overwhelmed with stress we manufacture our own stress so that we can maintain the stress hormones our body has grown accustomed to living on.

Everyone knows the term "Fight or Flight"!

We are all aware of the fight or flight response. It is a mechanism of our sympathy nervous system. When we are under stress our body goes into a state of survival and all necessary resources go to helping us run, fight or hide. Normal functions are shut down and we move into an intense heightened state. This was not meant to be a permennant or ordinary state. In nature, when an animal goes into this heightened state is just momentary - until the threat or danger is over - and then they return to gazing in the field and getting on with their lives. Not so with us humans. We have come to believe that living under stress is the way of the world! It is not!

Do you know the opposite of the fight or flight response?

The opposite of the fight or flight response is called the "rest and digest" phase. It is the parasympathetic response. The phase of resting, relaxing and feeding. It is when your body can move into the healing mode - otherwise known as homeostasis. It's the time when calm can envelop you and the mind slows down and peace becomes the state of being.

Do you know this state of being?

Most of us are very familiar with "fight or flight", but not so familiar with "rest and digest". I've decided to learn how to return my body to its natural "rest and digest" state. That takes some conscious attention and awareness. It is a gift, yet not one that I have ever thought of giving myself. In 2020 I am going to make it goal. Although writing that statement seems a bit stressful. When I add the word "goal" to anything it activates the stress response. So I guess my first job is to find a way to express it a way that evokes the parasympathetic response! I'll work on that.

2020 the year of Rest and Digest

It is going to be interesting. It is an unfamiliar journey. Yet, I have a profound desire to find that peace and calm within my world, my daily life and especially within my body and its internal functions. It is time to have "calm" be more common in my world than "stress". It is time for me to adopt a new version of normal. What a change! I'm looking forward to the journey.

If you want to find out more . . .

As usual, in my life, when I am ready for a new message I find a great teacher. This one came via a good friend, and his name is Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has a series on Gaia TV called "Rewire Your Brain". It was the catalyst for my transformation. Please check it out. You'll be glad you did. There is peace on the other side of stress. Stress IS NOT our normal state. Don't let our crazy, unhealthy world tell you any different!